Blue Trot Group provides flexible research services in frontier landscapes.


Spatial Computing.

Call it what you want: virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, extended reality. They all describe the next wave of computing, where keyboards and monitors are replaced by embodied graphics and multidimensional computing experiences. The problem is that many of these technologies aren’t yet solving any real problems. Consumer VR has yet to take off, and AR is commonly limited to Pokemon Go apps. We work with clients to find actual use cases and better understand consumer behaviors for these incoming spatial computing platforms.

Sample Deliverables: Strategy roadmaps, market analysis, mixed method user studies (surveys, interviews, observations), workshop design and facilitation.

Portfolio Examples: Facebook, Oculus, Strivr, Punahou School.


Participatory Media.

Every story should be a conversation. Even a book, as our high school English teacher used to say, is a dialogue between the author and the reader. Along with the incoming age of Spatial Computing, media is moving away from passive consumption towards agency and participation. Video games are merging with cinema, and storytelling is finding new life in social media and content streaming platforms. 360 media, escape rooms, immersive theater, and “walking simulator” games now all tell stories through exploration and choice. Transmedia initiatives seek to move familiar brands and characters across media platforms for larger audiences. We work with clients to identify how best to tell their stories using emerging interactive narrative techniques.

Sample Deliverables: Creative production, content licensing, trend reports, workshop design and facilitation.

Portfolio Examples: Facebook, Oculus, Time Magazine, Cornell University.


Social Innovation.

There are many social questions that are culturally feared as if they cannot be quantified or solved. Mental healthcare access, criminal justice reform, and climate sustainability all require vast amounts of resources, research, and voices to shift their systems. It doesn’t help that many new innovations and emerging technologies don’t yet reach equitable audiences or industries in these areas. We dedicate and donate a portion of our research time towards these systems to ensure that we aren’t just serving the elite. It’s in the discomfort of these tough questions and areas that we are most at work.

Sample Deliverables: Market analysis, impact reports, capacity building, workshop design and facilitation.

Portfolio Examples: Time for Kids, Oregon DOC, Edmonds School District.

Data Literacy.

Good science starts with good data. We lend our expertise in experimental design, statistics, and big data science to ensure that organizations are making more informed business decisions. Both Spatial Computing and Participatory Media are bringing a wealth of novel data that requires deep analysis. Our creative ears perk when we dig deeply to better understand and communicate these findings through beautiful dashboards and concise decks. Brene Brown said it best, stories are just data with a soul.

Sample Deliverables: Big data experimental design, data prep and cleaning, interactive dashboards, predictive modeling and forecasting.

Portfolio Examples: Oculus