the origin story


It all started with a broken banana stand in high school.  After another sweltering day of selling frozen treats at the farmers market during a Northern California heat wave, Cody deliriously peddled the banana stand into the truck.  The attached umbrella became very much unattached.  Both Cody and Piera learned an early lesson in collective responsibility when the local ice cream shop they peddled the treats for took all their tips for the remainder of the summer to pay for the repairs.

Fifteen years later, they have joined forces once again.  The duo brings their unique portfolios across brain science, media research, program development, immersive technology, and dessert sales to frontier technologies of all shapes and sizes.

Cody graded.jpg

Cody Karutz, Founder and CEO

After ice cream, Cody has since led wilderness immersion trips for inner city youth, designed science games for PBS Kids, and directed NFL commercials for Visa.  Most recently, he earned a graduate degree in cognitive science for applied research with virtual reality at Stanford University. While there, he managed a multimillion dollar remodel of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab and hosted Silicon Valley figures such as Mark Zuckerberg and Laurene Powell Jobs.  Cody is also a distant descendant of the Donner Party, yet somehow always forgets to pack snacks.

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Piera von Glahn, Co-Founder and COO

Piera has likewise experienced an eclectic life education.  She has rehabilitated wildlife including gophers, squirrels, and barn owls.  Moving on to larger critters, she studied Japanese macaques and conducted ecology fieldwork deep in the Brazilian Amazon.  After primates came young humans, where she spent a decade working as a director and program developer for a self-directed learning camp and helped scale the company from one to nine states across both coasts.  Piera is not an Oregon Trail descendent, but her great Uncle Leonard was honored as the Corn King of Nebraska in 1949.