the Manifesto


It happens pretty fast.

One day you wake up, and the world doesn’t work the same.

Robots deliver pizza in driverless cars. Electric scooters crowd the sidewalks.

Coworkers with cartoon avatars want to start taking meetings in virtual reality.

Hardly any of these things come with an instructional manual.

Technology should exist to lift burdens. To make our lives a little bit simpler.

But too often, it makes things more complex, and more confusing.

This is frontier technology at its worst:

When being new becomes more important than being useful.

That’s why Blue Trot exists.

We put people at ease with technologies and experiences that feel new to them.

We take research out of the cold sterile laboratory and into the warm sun of conversation.

Our welcoming approach helps capture honest feedback about products and experiences.

Letting us build technologies that can finally deliver on our most ambitious promises.

People at ease tell true stories. They try new things. They open up and share more.

And when you put people more at ease with technology by respecting their concerns?

The future becomes a little less scary for everyone.