Immersive Tribal Storytelling





  • Spatial Computing

  • Social Innovation

  • Participatory Media


Coastal eeling is super dangerous!


Serving Oculus’s strategic goals to develop meaningful educational uses for virtual reality, BTG identified and recruited the Bear River Band Rancheria in Humboldt, California as a partner. In collaboration with National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey, BTG then developed and facilitated a series of workshops to teach immersive storytelling tools to tribal members and local youth. The community worked intergenerationally to give young members more experience with the technology tools they already enjoy, and elders the opportunity to pass on and narrate traditions. Most importantly, this project returned stories to their “tellers,” unlike the 90% of curriculum relating to Native Americans that is neither authored nor reviewed by them.





Local capacity and relationship building with the Bear River Band community to ensure attendance and success for the workshop series



Technical capture and post-production proficiency from workshops for partner to fully create polished virtual reality stories using National Geographic story techniques



Scalable storytelling toolkit that can be deployed by Oculus to other tribal or educational communities interested in immersive storytelling



Supported Bear River Band in securing larger grant funding to create a complete five episode series, which will ultimately launch in Humboldt County schools and curriculum